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The Inconvenient Truth about SEO

I like this title, in part because of the parody of Gore’s book on the environment.  But this article is a revelation about SEO, warrants your reading and review … here’s a link to the article in Smashing Magazine.

Paul Boag waxes eloquently about what SEO is truly about, and why you don’t need a consultant to optimize your web site for SEO.  You just need the discipline to develop content about your business.  And if you don’t know more about your business than some consultant, then shame on you.

Boag’s also makes the case which I began in an earlier post on this blog … that social media is really about your own publishing business.  You have to develop and editorial plan of action for posting new content daily, weekly monthly … whatever frequency is warranted by your business.  Start slow and build, because it may be a new skill set.  You may even need to hire someone specifically for this task, as Boag suggests.

Content marketing or management is mostly about content development.  Without development, there is nothing to manage, and no marketing.



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The State Of E-Commerce Checkout Design

An article by this title was posted last week at Smashing Magazine, a publication about web design and programming.  Very much worth reading.

However, a careful reading highlights factors that have always been true in the larger direct commerce marketplace.  Some of the characteristics of checkout design vary, based upon the size of the merchant (in sales) and the nature of the market which the merchant services.

Thus, when you read about what “best practices” are; or what factors are “common” or “typical”, you should certainly consider those practices.  But you should also conduct A:B tests to confirm these practices make a difference to your customers.  Because their the only customers that count … or should count.

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The State of E-commerce Checkout Design 2012

Here’s a great article on check-out design.  I don’t agree with all of Chris Holst’s conclusions … but he makes a well documented case.  Well worth the time to read it.  Click here for the article.

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