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Keeping Email Marketing in Proper Perspective

Kevin Hillstrom writes today on: Within E-Commerce, Email Marketing is Not Dead.  Using very simple and clear data, he demonstrates the continuing role of email marketing in maintaining customer buying habits.  He also highlights that this same data does not support using email marketing for customer acquisition.

Boy, now that’s a lesson I wish a lot of merchants would learn.


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Big Data v Small Data

Here’s a link to a great post on this point from Kevin Hillstrom’s blog:  MineThatData

In very elegant terms, he shows how Big Data fails because people can’t comprehend it and the ability to utilize Big Data is beyond the capability of most people.  So you need to make the most of whatever you have … and then communicate it well.

Great post.  You should sign up for Kevin’s blog.  He’s full of good material.

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What’s the line between email marketing and building store traffic?

Kevin Hillstrom proposes an answer to this question in his blog: Mine That Data, in a post entitled Store Distance and Email Marketing.  check it out and tell me what you think.

Kevin hypothesizes that the line relates to the distance someone is from your store.

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E-Commerce and Retail

Kevin Hillstrom: MineThatData: Multichannel Wednesday: E-Commerce and Retail.

The link above takes you to an outstanding set of observations about how multi-channel customers behave in the various channels, and how you should adjust your marketing communications based upon the acquisition channel.

Great insights that are worth your attention

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