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Content Marketing should prove that long copy sells.

It’s a myth that buyers don’t read long copy. In fact, buyers are the only people that read long copy — because they are interested. People who don’t read long copy are not interested in what you’re selling. So, don’t write for them. Write for the people who are interested in buying. They will self-select.

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How to make ecommerce content

Great article … very practical.  Follow this advice and it will make you look like you’re an expert:


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Where Content Marketing ultimately leads …

This story appeared in the Washington Post today, To build brand, companies produce slick content and their own media.

One of the closing thoughts in the article is that “every company is now a media company.”  And that is a correct conclusion.

But the common availability of the tools be a media company, doesn’t mean a company can be casual or sloppy about the content it publishes — in either substance or appearance.

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10 Ground Rules for Content Marketing

Useful reading about Content Marketing by Ann Handley at  These rules also apply to Social Media Marketing.

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