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Strategic insights into the direct commerce industry, including ecommerce, direct marketing and related fields


David HimesWhat is the plan?  How do we get it done?  Those are the two critical questions that require answers if you’re going to move anything forward, whether it’s a business, a mission, a campaign or even your own life.

My mission is to help you get things done.  Some times, that is just helping you clarify the plan.  Other times, it’s pointing you to the resources you need to get started.  And it might even be rolling up my sleeves and getting “dirty,” right beside you.

My background includes academic study in mass communication theory and I’ve applied it to nearly every role I’ve ever performed.  I’m a project manager — I plan it out and then get it done.  I’m a visionary — I see how things can be different and how to get from here to there (some trips are easier than others).  I’m a learner — I get excited about learning new things and meeting new people.  I’m a problem solver — one of my greatest joys comes from finding a solution to a problem that is holding someone back.

I hope we have a chance to talk about direct commerce.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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