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How to improve the ROI on your marketing expenditures

Try to eliminate marketing expenditures, which reach non-buyers.

A huge percentage of your marketing expenses reach people who will never buy your merchandise or services.  While you may be able to ignore that fact, if your profit margins are high enough, you’ll do better if you know how to avoid spending marketing dollars sending your message to people who are not interested or have rejected your products.

We read a lot in the trade press about how to identify prospective buyers.  Maybe we should spend some time thinking about identifying known non-buyers.

If you can eliminate non-buyers from your target audience, the ROI on your marketing expenditures will automatically improve.


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9 Components of Successful Direct Commerce

These are the nine component systems, which should be in place, to execute a successful direct-to-customer retail commerce strategy.  The order is significant in only one point — marketing should be last.  But I’ve found this sequence is generally correct

  1. product master
  2. order management system
  3. single view of inventory
  4. warehouse management system
  5. product delivery
  6. content management system
  7. customer service
  8. web store
  9. marketing

In addition, this applies to e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, mobile, catalog — this is the infrastructure you need.

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6 Components of a Direct Response Fundraising Strategy

There are six components that result in an effective direct response fundraising strategy:

  • Donor Acquisition — inspiring someone to give the first time.
  • Donor Renewal — inspiring a donor to give a second time and then repetitively over an even longer period of time.
  • Donation Frequency — inspiring a donor to give multiple times each year
  • Donor Upgrading — stimulating donors to give larger amounts
  • Donor Longevity — encouraging donors to continue giving for years and years
  • Donor Recognition — saying thank you appropriately, to encourage continued giving

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