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The Inconvenient Truth about SEO

I like this title, in part because of the parody of Gore’s book on the environment.  But this article is a revelation about SEO, warrants your reading and review … here’s a link to the article in Smashing Magazine.

Paul Boag waxes eloquently about what SEO is truly about, and why you don’t need a consultant to optimize your web site for SEO.  You just need the discipline to develop content about your business.  And if you don’t know more about your business than some consultant, then shame on you.

Boag’s also makes the case which I began in an earlier post on this blog … that social media is really about your own publishing business.  You have to develop and editorial plan of action for posting new content daily, weekly monthly … whatever frequency is warranted by your business.  Start slow and build, because it may be a new skill set.  You may even need to hire someone specifically for this task, as Boag suggests.

Content marketing or management is mostly about content development.  Without development, there is nothing to manage, and no marketing.



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Testing Same Day Delivery

The Wall Street Journal reported, today, on eBay and Amazon testing same-day delivery in a couple of major markets.  Here’s a link to the story.

In the San Francisco area, eBay has hired a crew of people, essentially, concierge shoppers, who will locate the product you want at a local store, buy and deliver it to you within one hour of the time you place the order.  Wow, quite a high level of customer service.

Don’t expect this to be a viable service in Yuma, Arizona.

I’m not sure it would be viable even in all of the top ten markets in the US.  But it will be very interesting to watch it.

Based upon the anecdotes of the article, we can imagine this service being used by customers in major markets (where there may be sufficient aggregated demand for such a service) for whom convenience carries a very high value and who is less price sensitive than average.

I think that’s a pretty limited market … but the beauty of the web / ecommerce, is, in part, it’s ability to aggregate demand in ways we’ve never been able to do under earlier retail models.

The economics of same-day delivery are very difficult to make work.

We’ll know same-day delivery has worked when FedEx, UPS and the USPS begin to offer the service.  But don’t hold your breath!

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