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Target announces impending divorce from Amazon

Here’s a link to the story in DM News.

This is just another example of the maturing nature of the ecommerce space.  No longer does Target need Amazon to attract “eyeballs” of customers.  Frankly, it’s long past due, and I suspect it’s happening now, only because their contract is probably expiring.

On top of everything else,  when you do business with Amazon, you have to evaluate the relative value of access to their customers to the relative cost of Amazon having all your customers.  Which has more value to your business.

My personal view is there is a case to be made that Amazon’s reason to exist is narrowing.  Amazon is best at selling commodities to large numbers of consumers.  If you’re not selling commodities, or your strategy is to differentiate your business from your competitors, then Amazon is not the place for you to be.  And there aren’t a lot of businesses who fit that description.


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