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Survey Says …

Customer service is tops at retaining customers …

Here’s a headline in Internet Retailer, I love to see, because I’ve been “preaching” this forever.  Most of the people who buy via direct commerce channels (web, phone, mail) are more concerned about convenience and customer service than about price.

Price and breadth of merchandise selection are now table stacks or irrelevant.

After all, it’s so easy to find a specific product at a price I’m willing to pay, that breadth of selection is not inherently a strategic advantage — especially when attracting new customers.

And as far as price goes — follow me on this:

Have you ever used one of the comparison price engines?  You can find 20 web sites, all selling the exact product you want to buy.  And you can site at your computer and see all their prices simultaneously.  Do you always pick the lowest price?

I know I don’t.  I first look for a familiar name.  And if I don’t see one, I look for customer ratings (not completely reliable, but at least a good indicator).

I steadfast avoid companies who don’t accept returns (unless I know it’s something I’ll keep).

You see, my concern is about my convenience.  I don’t want to get stuck with something that disappoints.  I want a company I can trust to treat me reasonably, if not unreasonably well.

Even in good times, Customer Service is the best way to keep the best and the most customers.


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