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Growth in DRTV Advertising

Direct Magazine published an article entitled “Direct Response Rare Bright Spot in Nielsen Report.”

The gist of the report is that DRTV advertising spending has increased recently, while other categories have declined.  That is great news for the industry — and includes many of my friends.

But let’s also keep it in context.  Spending in most advertising media is declining.  Newspapers are thinner.  Magazines are thinner.  Radio is less interrupted.

In this economy, any expense that a business cannot clearly measure it’s ROI is under review, if it hasn’t already been cut.

The reduced demand for most forms of advertising is leading to lower rates.  DRTV companies can buy network spots like never before.  Good for them.

But ultimately, the real test is whether, when the economy comes back, will general advertisers adopt the direct response type model to clarify and perfect the measurability of their TV / Radio / Newspaper / Magazine advertising?

Obviously, it’s too soon to tell.  So, in the mean time, enjoy the ride … all the way to the bank.


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