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Proving the Obvious

Now, I don’t want you to take this post the wrong way.  I do believe in research.  And even when we know something to be “generally” true, research and provide important granular information.

Yesterday in the electronic version of Direct, there is an article with the headline:

Poor Returns Service May Affect Future Shopping: Study 

You can click the headline to read the entire story.  And it’s good information.

What gets me is the headline!  Poor returns service may affect future shopping?

Of course, it does.  This headline shows some of the disconnect between marketing and operations.  Most customers care as much about service as they do about price and quality of the product.  And this is especially true in all direct marketing channels.

If your customers don’t trust that you will treat them right after you buy, they are less likely to buy from you.  If they’ve never bought from you before, their first purchase is a kind of test to find out if you’re trustworthy.  That explains why a customer’s second purchase from you is so important — it proves you’ve earned their trust.

Filling an order correctly, promptly, and treating a customer well if they’re not happy with the product is equally important to earning and keeping a customer.  And customer retention is the key to success.


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