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Where will the action be in 2009?

There’s an article in the December issue of Direct provides some of the answer to this question.  It’s based upon data from the DMA .

Here’s a chart of the data, showing Projected Sales by Direct Channel for 2009 (in $ billions).

What surprised me a little, when I first saw this data, was the relationship of Direct mail / catalog to Direct mail / non-catalog.  I was surprised the catalog numbers were so much lower.  But, at the same time, then I noticed the Web marketing / non-email numbers.  You might be tempted to think this web marketing sales number is based upon Search or Advertising, but it is also likely driven a lot by catalogs.

I don’t know about you, but when I order from a catalog, I often place the order on the catalog web site, just to avoid all the up-selling, which to many consumers is annoying.

It also seems likely that the Telemarketing sales number is driven a lot by catalog.  These three channels seem to be closely linked and almost impossible to differentiate.

This is great information for Service Providers who are assessing where to devote their marketing efforts to secure new clients.


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