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The Direct Commerce Services Industry

I worry a little that I’ll overstate this case, but here’s my primary point:

The service companies that support direct commerce seem to be in a transition.

The secondary question may be a transition into what?  And that’s truly relevant.  But being a consultant to the services companies, I’m struck by how many of my clients are asking themselves “what do we want to become?”

They’re making money, but are dissatisfied with the prospects for the future of their current business and see the need to rethink their business — who they market to and serve, what services they provide, how they manage their client relationships.

Of course, my view may be skewed because why do companies seek out consultants, except to help them with issues such as this.  So, please understand, I’m not complaining.

One thing that is also true is that the fulfillment industry, especially, continues (in general terms) to provide less than great service to their clients.  Clients move due to dissatisfaction with rates or services or both.  And many fulfillment companies cannot keep up with technology.  Their staffs are often undereducated in the needs and nature of the direct marketing services business.

And every service provider knows this:  Many clients have unrealistic expectations of how inexpensively services can be provided and how difficult it is to provide some services (blame this on marketing types who are often oblivious to the execution requirements of the marketing promotions they create).


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