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No Shrinkage in Direct Mail

This is the headline in List and Data Strategies, an e-newsletter from Multi-channel Merchant magazine. Click here to read the entire story (it’s not too long).

This is a great reminder that in spite of the incredible growth of search marketing (both paid and natural), and the web, marketing is still about putting your message in front of eyeballs. And the fact is that well-done direct mail remains among the most effective methods of targeted marketing.

Search, banner ads, “adwords” and all those other web-based marketing tools are often effective only because their cost is sooooo looooow. And thus, the response necessary to break-even or be profitable is very low. Nothing wrong with that.

Has anyone other there started tracking promotion history to the point that they know which of their customers do not respond to certain media? It seems to me that it’s possible to identify a significant number of customers who clearly have a preference for certain marketing channels, and thus could be omitted from other marketing channels and further drive down the volume of unwanted marketing messages.


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