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Even Younger Demographics Prefer Direct Mail

That’s the headline of an article in Chief Marketer, today. The article, by Peter Meyers, reports on the results of a survey asking about what communications channels people prefer.

Meyers reports that nearly 60 percent of 18-24 year olds prefer paper mail to electronic mail in numerous product categories.

Now, as a 58 year old, who has been in the direct marketing business for 30+ years, I’m kind of glad to hear that. But I also note, personally, that while I like to get catalogs (because they’re better for browsing and shopping), I prefer email for single item promotions.

But the real question is not what 18-24 year olds say they prefer, but rather to which do they respond at higher rates. Those of us who have been in direct marketing for a long time learned a long time ago, that it’s not what people say they will do, it’s what they actually do, that counts.

I’d love to see some good test results on this issue, but no one has published the real stuff yet. Maybe soon.


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