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Five Steps to an Optimized Customer Experience—and a Stronger Brand

This title is from an article in Multichannel Merchant by Scott Glatstein. It’s a well written piece and the link behind Scott’s name will take you to the full text of the article at Multichannel Merchant.

His five steps are:

  • Identify your reasons to believe.
  • Identify customer touchpoints.
  • Determine the most influential touchpoints.
  • Design the optimal experience.
  • Align the organization to consistently deliver the optimal experience.

You should read the complete article to appreciate Scott’s perspective. My focus is just on the last point.

All the efforts to “design” the right customer service experience fails if your people don’t deliver it to your customers. That’s why is must emanate from the top. And persistently so. If anyone doubts the importance of good customer service to the CEO, then your chances of actually delivering it to your customers declines.

Good customer service must be a pre-occupation of everyone in the company — manufacturing, purchasing, marketing, operations, customer service personnel — whether the staff in on your payroll or outsourced. Everyone needs to get the same message about customer service.

If the CEO asks the order picking staff what the definition of good customer service is, will they know the right answer? It needs to be on everyone’s mind, all of the time.


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