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What Was the Biggest Multichannel Challenge in 2006?

Now I confess, I copied the title of this post from an article at the Catalog Success web site, with the same title. Click on the magazine title to see the entire article. Here’s the opening sentence of the article:

Customer acquisition and retention topped the list of business challenges
in 2006, according to multichannel retailers cited in an Escalate Retail report
released at last week’s eTail conference in Palm Desert, Calif.

I really don’t want to sound disrespectful, but — it’s about time.

Ultimately, every measurement we make of our marketing, customer service or operational efforts boil down into customer acquisition and retention. Add Customer Life-Time-Value and you’ve pretty much got the whole picture.

One of the effects of ubiquitous technology is the ability to measure anything and everything. But just because we can measure it, does not mean it is useful to actually measure it.

Be sure the things you measure will actually improve Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention or increase Customer Life-Time-Value. If a measure doesn’t help one of these three measures, then consider ignoring it.


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