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World Class Customer Service

I continue to read a lot in the trade press about how to provide World Class Customer Service. There’s a list of the 10 top tips, three things to avoid, 25 keys, 12 most common failures.

And there’s truth in all of these lists.

But complying with check lists is not the key. You have to discover the principles of world class customer service and engraine them in the culture of your customer service staff, your application programmers and your web developers.

Tell your customers what they can expect from you — not in an FAQ or policy statement. Send them an email or tell them when you have them on the phone.

Identify your customers’ expectations — that’ means you’ll know if your customer’s expectations of you and what you plan on doing are in sync.

Synchronize your customer service with your customers’ expectations — if these are not in sync, deal with it right away, don’t wait for the customer to call you back, or send an email inquiry.

Applying these principles means your application systems will have to be flexible enough to deal with a lot of exceptions — a common short fall of immature applications.

The best advise I’ve read recently is this:

  1. Make a list of the top ten customer service complaints
  2. Develop a solution for all ten complaints
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 — again and again and again

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